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Create client dashboard


def create_client_template(
        api_host: str = Argument(None,
                                 help="Redash API host"),
        api_key: str = Argument(None, envvar="API_KEY", help="Redash API key"),
        client_name: str = Argument(None, help="Client name"),
        template_tags: List[str] = Argument(None, help="Template tags"),
        to_remove_keywords: List[str] = Argument(
            None, help="Keywords to remove widgets with")) -> None


Create client dashboard template based on another template with given template_tags with widgets containing to_remove_keywords in their viualization name removed.


  • api_host - Redash API host
  • api_key - Redash API key
  • client_name - Client name
  • template_tags - tags of template to clone from
  • to_remove_tags - keywords to remove widgets from new dashboard with


    python examples/ --api_host --api_key 1234567890 --client_name test --template_tags template prod